Holloway advocates for sex worker justice alongside a cohort of badass Bay Area activists. Utilizing social justice and harm reduction frameworks, she advocates for the health, safety and human rights of sex workers and our intersecting communities. She studied HIV/STI prevention and sexual health education at City College of San Francisco. Her time at CCSF shaped how she approaches sexual wellness, and encouraged her to further her work addressing consent culture. As Holloway’s community organizing became more political and intersectional, she decided to further her studies, completing her masters degree in public health at San Francisco State University. She now presents at local and national public health conferences, guest lectures at colleges and universities, and is an active member of the Occupy Public Health Coalition. She fights for social justice through the ever-intersecting avenues of activism, community organizing, politics, and art.


In 2018 Holloway & Arabelle Raphael founded a worker resource organization Bay Area Workers Support (BAWS): a group of Bay Area advocates that work for the health, safety, and livelihoods of sex workers in the wake of FOSTA/SESTA legislation. While our government is busy legislating against us, WE are organizing and redistributing our community resources, skill-sets, knowledge, and power to set up community care systems.

It is our goal to provide sex worker communities:

  1. Support, information & resources. You are not alone

  2. Providing immediate relief/connections for emergency needs

  3. Creating strategic action around sex worker safety, media advocacy, and policy

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This Public Health Advisory Board will support existing efforts for health and safety in the adult industry. The Board will take a proactive role in shaping and participating in the global discourse regarding sexual and reproductive health. This Board recognizes that the adult industry faces considerable stigma from policymakers and interest groups, and that this stigma is not reflected in the general public’s growing interest in sexual health. The science and public health-based activities of the Board will contribute to the health and safety of workers and community members within the adult industry, as well as the public at large.

AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION  (APHA) Denver, 2016 Research Presentations: